WiFi Internet Radio ‚Tougher than the rest‘

The increasing availability of the internet, WiFi and unlimited data everywhere means that the age of portable WiFi internet radio is here.

Perfectpro, the leader in professional jobsite radios, is ready for this future, introducing the new range of Audisse WiFi Internet Radios. 
 Audisse stands for the most advanced and complete portable radios, for all-round use at home, at work and at play. They offer the same unique robustness and reliability as Perfectpro jobsite radios, making them ‘tougher than the rest’.

Audisse brings together all the latest in audio and radio technology with our expertise in sustainable ‘music tools’. The versatility of Audisse radios makes them unique all-round sound systems for all your music, wherever you are; @HOME @WORK @PLAY.

WiFi Internet Radio

WiFi Internet Radio offers you thousands of radio stations, both local and international, in high-quality stereo, unhindered by the limitations of normal radio reception. With the unique ‘radio zapping’ function of the Audisse Shirudo and Shokunin, you can easily zap through your 40 pre-set stations searching for great music. In addition to WiFi Internet radio, the Audisse radios also receive all DAB+ and FM broadcasts.

Tougher than the rest

Rain, dust and dirt-proof, with IP65 standardisation. Shock-proof. ABS plastic housing and roll cage. Metal grip. Thick metal antenna. Extra long cord. TüV/GS-certified. The Audisse radio’s jobsite radio DNA definitely makes it ‘tougher than the rest’.

Truly portable

With its large, built-in Long Player Lithium Polymer battery, that automatically recharges while playing on mains power, the Audisse Shirudo and Shokunin plays 12 to 16 hours independent of mains power. The Audisse Netbox has a rechargeable battery autonomy of 8 to 10 hours. All Audisse radios charge your mobile phone or tablet via the USB power output.


Stream all your music via Bluetooth directly from your mobile phone or your tablet. Up to eight Bluetooth devices can be paired and stored with the Audisse Shirudo and Shokunin. This so you can easily switch between your various Bluetooth devices. Additionally, you can answer incoming phone calls and enjoy perfect hands-free calling via the Audisse Shirudo or Shokunin.


The USB stick is still one of the simplest and most efficient ways to store and play music files. A big advantage of this is that you don’t need a mobile phone or internet connection to play your own music files, wherever and whenever you want. You can also charge your mobile phone or tablet via the USB connection. Available on all Audisse models.

Spotify Connect & UNDOK

Do you have a Spotify Premium subscription? Then you can play your Spotify playlists in high audio quality over the Audisse radios. The Spotify App and UNDOK App allow you to control everything at a distance via WiFi.